Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Badass Awards

We live in a world full of really awesome things--green tea, Sailor Moon, Belgian waffles, Chiweenies. And sometimes, all of the goodness can get overwhelming. So I've decided to help you, my wonderful loving readers, find a light in the sea of awesomeness. I've created the badass awards.

That's right. I will be awarding any number of badass things with my official seal of general badassery. Because let's be honest, they can't give themselves that seal. Only a total tool would publicly call themselves a badass (unless of course they give some sort of genuinely humble public disclaimer in the top right corner of their blog).

So keep an eye out. And if you think there's something deserving of the award, email me at elizabethmaryparker(at)gmail(dot)com. Also, if you or something you love has been deemed worthy of the seal, feel free to use said seal. Because who can resist a chiweenie? I couldn't. That's why I adopted one.

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