Monday, February 20, 2012

Badass Books: The Duff

As an English Badass, it only seems appropriate that I review the books I read. That way we can have a sort of badass book club going on (seriously, what could be better?). For my first badass book review, I've selected THE DUFF by Kody Keplinger.

From Kody's Website. Click the picture to check it out!

Why I read it: Kody had a post this weekend on YAHighway. While I normally don't read books in this genre, I loved her blogpost.  So I went to Amazon and plugged her name in to see if I wanted to read anything she'd written. I came across THE DUFF and read the first six pages (since you can preview genius!). The preview skipped page seven and eight and went straight to nine. I screamed. Out loud. Then I bought the book and had it delivered to my Kindle immediately. I finished it that same afternoon.

ZOMG Yes: The voice in this book is amazing. Bianca is cynical and funny. She reminded me a little of myself in high school, making her really relateable. I also loved Bianca's maturity level. Kody isn't afraid of letting her teenagers think and reason--something I think a lot of adults don't give teens credits for. Bianca reasons through her parents relationship, her own escape, and ultimately her hypocrisy. And she does it beautifully. Also, any book that ties in WUTHERING HEIGHTS is a win.

Meh: There were a few uses of "text-speak" throughout the book: omigosh, OMG, etc. While I didn't really care for this, it was probably the best use of this language I've seen. Kody used it pretty much exclusively for one character (Jessica), and it worked for that character.

Warnings: Sex. This book has a lot of sex in it. In fact, it's pretty much integral to the plot. So if you don't want to read about sex, skip this book. However, I think Kody did an excellent job with her descriptions. They really put you in the mind of a teenage girl.

Badass? Definitely.

3 out of 5


  1. This has been sitting unread on my shelf for a few months now (not sure why). I think I need to pull that sucker down and get reading:D

    1. Yes you have to! It's a quick read, but so good.

  2. I still have to read The Duff. I keep meaning to, and then never get around to snagging the book.

    Tag, you're it! I've tagged you for a meme, should you choose to accept :)

    1. Oh how fun! I'll try to get some answers up this week. :)

  3. I agree!! Read this book last year and loved this characters' voice!!