Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A love letter

In celebration of Valentine's day, I've composed a love letter of a number of the songs that have come up on my Bon Jovi Pandora station today (yes I have a Bon Jovi station--yet another reason to love me).

Hey you,

When I see you smile, Jessie’s Girl, it’s amazing, and it makes me think we’re all right now. I'm free falling into you. For what it’s worth, you turn this manic Monday into Paradise City.  Oh Sister Christian, with you every day is a Holiday. I cherish every moment even the fire and ice. With you heaven is a place on earth. We belong together. Oh sweet emotion!

Even when love is a battlefield, I want to lay you down on a bed of roses and rock you like a hurricane. You always treat me right.

So if you’re free, let’s get rocked tonight. It’s urgent, a crazy little thing called love. Come on my Sharona, walk this way.

All my love,

The Reaper

Looking for more love? Head on over to YA Highway and join the lovefest! Or compose a love letter of your own in the comments.


  1. This is really fun and made me smile just a little :D Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. OMG. This post made me laugh so hard, and now I have like 12 incredible songs trying to get caught in my head. Such a clever idea!!

    Happy valentine's day!!

    1. Thanks, I wanted to try something funnier with my post...so I'm glad it worked!

  3. Thanks! Now I'm tempted to do one of all David Bowie songs, but I'll resist.

  4. Excellent, Liz! This is really clever. Definitely go for the Bowie song love letter! :)

  5. that playlist sounds absolutely, '80s-tastically epic. happy valentine's day!

  6. Haha, this is awesome! Especially: "Even when love is a battlefield, I want to lay you down on a bed of roses and rock you like a hurricane."

  7. Awesome love letter! You did an amazing job putting all these songs together. Happy belated Valentine's Day :)!