Monday, September 10, 2012

Changes to the English Badass

If you're here, and you're reading this, most likely you're an author who's blog I follow as well. We're all out here, trying to build a platform, hoping to make relationships, navigating the pre-publishing (unless some of you are post-publishing in which case give me your book titles!) waters.

Why do I blog? At first, I started this blog because everything I read told me to. You want to be published? Great. You need to be on the internet. So I started the English Badass. Check. Give me a gold star.

Wait? Having a blog isn't enough?

gif from Title2Come

This shouldn't have been some sort of big revelation to me. In fact, early on I knew I needed something to differentiate myself, but I didn't know how to do it. How, you ask, did I know this? I get paid to use social media. It's a part of my job.

You don't just start a blog. Well, people do. I did. But that's not how you find success. You need objectives, goals, and content that marries up to those goals.

So you'll start to see a few changes around here. It will be similar to past content: writing, grammar, book reviews, etc. But there will be a little more structure to it, including the new feature: Social Media Mondays. I have a lot of social media knowledge just hanging out in my head, and I'd like to share it.

Why do my thoughts on social media matter? Because I get paid to be there. I write an award-winning blog for the building products industry. So I'm going to share my expertise and tie it to YA writers.

I'll be including a few other features:
  1. RWT (Road Trip Wednesdays)
  2. Friday Reads (where I will recommend books, share my reading lists, or post book reviews)
  3. Miscellaneous content as appropriate/relevant
Happy blogging!


  1. Oh, cool! I'm looking forward to the social media expertise you have to share. I'm always looking for ways to strengthen my online relationships and improve my blogging/tweeting/networking practices.

  2. Really looking forward to reading your insights!

  3. Very much looking forward to your social media insights. =)

  4. I too patiently await your social media posts. Shall I put the kettle on and make a pot of tea while we wait? ^_^