Thursday, November 8, 2012

NaNo Check-in #3

Progress (word count or a general status update): I've switched to third person, which means a lot of revising later (no big surprise there). I'm now at 11,144 words--crossed over 10,000 yesterday.

Mood: The last 2,000 or so words were rough, so the mood is a little low, but it's ok. I gave myself permission to suck at the beginning of the month, and I think those scenes can be revised into something beautiful.

Inspiration: "A book, too, can be a star, a living fire to lighten the darkness, leading out into the expanding universe." Madeleine L'Engle

Goals as of today: 1,000 words today; 4,500 tomorrow; 1,000 Saturday; 3,000 Sunday. Big weekend.

Recent Favorite NaNo-WIP Line: As they neared the door, the Star Lines glowed brighter, shifting from the glimmer he'd seen in the streets to a thick, swirling sort of energy. Mason could feel the power in his chest and his head. It was like being around the full unit, only it wasn't coming from Greybar. The glow came from inside the house.

"Did you see that?" Mason asked.

The Captain nodded. "Maybe this won't be a wasted trip after all."

Non-NaNo News: I just realized that I'll be in Disney World in less than a month. This is so exciting!

Something Shiney (posts of fun things, other friends blog posts, etc.): There's a song I want to share with you guys. It's long, but I encourage you to listen to the whole thing. There's so much character and so much story in those short six minutes. It's the kind of character building and description I want from each book I write. And my word, this song wrecks me every time I listen to it. It's only been this year that it hasn't brought me to tears every time (only 1 in 3 now).


  1. You're doing awesome, Liz! I'm hoping to have as productive a weekend as you're planning since I've slacked for the past three days. Slacked on NaNo, that is. I've been researching agents, so that's important too. :)

    Once again, the clip you shared is great! I think this story sounds really interesting. :)

  2. Liz, you're doing awesome! I love your excerpt. It reads really well in third person, so I'm going to go ahead and say you've made a good choice in switching point-of-views. Also... Disney World?! I'm SO JEALOUS! Have you been? Aaahh... I love it there so much!

  3. That's so great that you see the potential even when you hit a rough patch in the writing. I need to remind myself of this often! This excerpt has me even more intrigued. I'm totally rooting for you to finish this story because I want to read the whole thing someday!