Sunday, February 17, 2013

Badass Books: Scarlet

As you probably know by now, I love Marissa Meyer and her wonderful, wonderful stories. I attended a book signing in Nashville (the first stop on her Scarlet tour!) and, of course, picked up a signed copy of Scarlet. And now I want to tell you about it.

Summary (from Marissa’s website)

Why I read it: That whole loving Marissa Meyer’s stories thing? Yeah, that. I adored Cinder, and I wanted more. I wanted to know what would happen to her and to the prince and to Iko (Cinder’s family’s android)! Really, it was all about Iko. I <3 Iko. But I digress.

There was a lot of initial worry from readers and lovers of Cinder that Scarlet couldn’t measure up. I mean, it introduced a new protagonist. It was named after that protagonist! What about Cinder? And Kai? And Iko?

But I wasn’t worried. I love me some fairy tale reimaginings. And the reimagining of Little Red Riding Hood? This may be the best one I’ve ever read.

ZOMG Yes! Like I said, excellent reimagining of Little Red Riding Hood. Marissa did a great job of weaving elements from that story into these two wonderful characters—Scarlet and Wolf—while keeping the story interesting. I had hopes and thoughts and guesses about how things would turn out (after all, Marissa told us to beware of the wolf during the signing!), and I was definitely happy impressed with her story telling.

Onto the specifics!

One of the moments I got the most excited about, is really a huge spoiler. SPOILER: Eeeee Iko is back! And she’s got new digs. And I love how she handles them. Next, I loved the introduction of Thorne and the whole Firefly feel to all of the Cinder/Thorne scenes. (Thorne being another new character I fell in love with--inspired by Han Solo and Mal Reynolds! Yes, please).

And of course, how could I not love another kick ass female protagonist? Loved Scarlet. Loved the red hoodie. Loved it all. There isn't one thing about this story that I would change.

Kthxbai If you like fairy tales and you like science fiction, definitely pick up Scarlet. If you haven’t read Cinder, read that one first! I’m excited for the last two parts in this series—particularly the last one since Marissa described Winter (Snow White) as a little bit crazy (think River from Firefly).

ALL THE CHIWEENIES to Scarlet and Cinder and Iko and Thorne and Wolf and Kai. And five to Marissa Meyer.


  1. This is one of several sequels I need to hurry up and buy already. I'm really glad to hear it was as good as the first one!

  2. This is on its way to me right now in the mail. I cannot WAIT for it get here! :)

  3. A character inspired by Han Solo? MUST check this out!