Saturday, June 7, 2014

Bad Ass Books: The Killing Woods

First, this review is a little overdue. My blogging has been sporadic at best over the past couple of months. Hoping this summer is better for writing and blogging both, but I did want to share my thoughts on this book so here we go.

Summary (from Goodreads):

Emily’s dad is accused of murdering a teenage girl. Emily is sure he is innocent, but what happened that night in the woods behind their house where she used to play as a child? Determined to find out, she seeks out Damon Hillary, the enigmatic boyfriend of the murdered girl. He also knows these woods. Maybe they could help each other. But he’s got secrets of his own about games that are played in the dark.

Why I Read It: A while back, I saw a number of people mention this book in tandem with Dangerous Girls. I read Dangerous Girls and absolutely loved it, so I picked up The Killing Woods.

ZOMG YES! The opening chapter for this book is amazing. And I liked the mystery part, too. You want to believe Emily's dad is innocent, and you're pretty certain he is (or at least I was)...because if he's not well that just sort of sucks. So I liked following along to learn who it was.

This was also a pretty quick read for me--easy to get into and follow along. While there were some characters I really wanted more from...characters that I thought would have been better from a romance perspective, overall I enjoyed this read. But...

Let's Be Honest: Ok so most of this section is in white. For this next bit, I'm not giving any spoilers, but I am talking about the end of the mystery, so please read on only if you really want to.

I wasn't satisfied with the end of this book. It felt a little gimicky to me. I did figure out who did it, but I didn't figure out the why/how part. Still, I think I would have enjoyed it more if the ending had been far more sinister. Not sure what that says about me. 

Alright this next section is true spoiler, so don't read it if you don't want to know. It has to do with the romance.

I wasn't a fan of the Emily/Damon relationship. I got that they had a lot in common, and while I liked that they were able to work through that, I'm just not sure it's believable to me that she would fall for a guy who hated her father so much. Of course, she had those questions too, which I liked.

All that to say, I enjoyed reading this because I'm working on a mystery, so it was good research. I really don't like being negative in reviews, because I write. I know what it's like to put so much into a story. But I also want to be honest. This wasn't my favorite book. That being said--if you like unexpected romances, murder, and mayhem, it's a good quick read.

Did you read this book? What did you think?

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