Friday, December 26, 2014

She's Dead, and other terrible titles

The lovely Tracey Neithercott has pulled me into the "Terrible Titles" blog hop--which I'm thrilled about. I'm not always a huge fan of blog hops, but this one is fabulous. Check out some of the fantastic titles she's found for her current work I'll Shave Your Eyebrows.

Here's how the blog hop works. Writers go through their manuscripts and let their cursor land in eight random places. Those words/phrases become the titles.

I'm pulling from the ghost story I've been picking away at while revising another manuscript. And now I think I have some real winners to choose from when it comes time to name this puppy. Pretty sure She's Dead is a keeper.
  1. She Wants Revenge
  2. We Used Our Phones As Flashlights
  3. Threw Myself Against the Fence
  4. She's Dead
  5. I'm Just As Crazy As They Think I've Become
  6. I'll Melt Some Butter 
  7. Audrey's Porcelain Affection
  8. Our Feet Sticking in the Mud
I'm going to tag Sara Biren, Rebekah Faubion and Stephanie Allen on this one!


  1. WE USED OUR PHONES AS FLASHLIGHTS is going to be the title of my eventual memoir, tbh. It'll be an instant classic.

  2. Thanks for the tag! Here's my post:

  3. Oh my gosh, these are hilarious. I can't decide which one I think is the best (worst?). I think I'M JUST AS CRAZY AS THEY THINK I'VE BECOME is pretty fantastic. Working title? I think so. ;-)