Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What's Up Wednesday: Hello 2015!

“What’s Up Wednesday” is a weekly blog hop by Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk. From Jaime: It’s similar in some respects to the Currently… post, but it’s been whittled down to only four headings to make it quicker and more manageable on a weekly basis. Be sure to visit Jaime's blog to add your post to the link list!

What I'm Reading: Reading more is a huge goal for me this year. In 2014, work took over my life, so most days I had to choose between reading or writing and didn't get both. Not this year. So far I've read two YA fantasy novels, so I'm taking a break from my typical genre and going contemporary. I'm finally reading Jellicoe Road.

What I'm Writing: I finished another round of revisions on Stars & Stripes on New Year's Eve. So now I'm back to tinkering with my ghost story. 

What Works for Me: Right now it's any bit of writing I can get in in the morning, even if it's only fifteen minutes. The revision on this piece is going pretty slowly--mostly because I've had other things come up. But the positive side is that it's given me a lot of time for thinking. Most days when I write I'm so focused on word count that I don't really take time to think, to mull ideas over. So this is good for me.

What Else Is New: 

  • I dyed my hair blond at the end of last year, and I kind of love it. 
  • I put together some goals for 2015.
  • I made a new mood board (it's in the above post).


  1. Ooh, a ghost story! I'd love to hear more. Ghost stories are my absolute favorites. Is it contemporary? Historical? A novel or a short story?

    My WuW post.

  2. Just popped by the two blog posts you mentioned. Love the Terrible Titles and I love your goal list. :-) Congrats on finishing another round of revisions. You should totally celebrate! Hope you have a wonderful week all around!

  3. God, JELLICOE ROAD really lived up to the hype for me -- I hope you enjoy it too! And I love the blonde on you, especially with that cut -- so cute :)

  4. I really need to focus more on reading this year too. It's frustrating that it ends up being the thing to get shunted aside when life gets busy. I'd rather put aside laundry or dishes or something lol. Great job on getting another round of revisions done! I love that you're appreciating that time to mull things over. I'm a huge muller. Hope you can squeeze in lots of writing and reading this week! :)

  5. Oh my God -- JELLICOE ROAD is my fAvOrItE! I hope you love it. But remember, I totally have dibs on Jonah Griggs. <3 And your hair is adorable. You remind me a little of Tinkerbell! Happy New Year, Liz!

  6. High five, fellow ghost story writer :D

    Happy New Year! LOVE the hair. The colour really suits you.

  7. I love your hair! I have no idea what it looked like before, but that is gorgeous. And I really need to get into the terrible title bloghop. It looks like a blast.