Monday, February 23, 2015

Writer Recharge: The Final Stretch

Writer Recharge is once again hosted by Katy UppermanAlison MillerElodie NowodazkijSara Biren, and myself! This is your chance for a four-week jump start in the middle of a cold, dreary winter. Set goals for yourself, check in once a week, and connect with other recharging writers.

Write/Revise: I'd like to make it halfway through this ghost story I keep talking about. 
I'm about two chapters shy of the halfway mark, but I've hit snag. The story is starting to hit a little too close to home for me, so I'm having to take a step back from this one for a little while. Instead, I'm working on a new fairy-tale retelling idea that I have. I'd like to have a rough outline done by the end of the month! (maybe...we'll see)

Read/RereadIf I Stay.  & Vivian Apple at the End of the World 
This goal is complete! I'm now reading Dark Places to round out my month.

Stretch: I have a goal in mind for this that I can't share right now, but know I'm working toward it!
Still working on this one. Making progress!

Self:  I want to do yoga 4 out of 5 weekdays 
Ice storm=limited ability to get out of the house. Managed one day of hot yoga.

Connect: I'll be reading chapters for a writing friend who's getting ready for submission. 
Goal complete!

Fun: I want to get at least one pedicure this month. This sort of fits the self goal, too, but still.

If you're providing an update on your goals, be sure to post a link on Sara's blog!


  1. You're doing awesome, Liz! I'm super intrigued by your fairy tale retelling. Based on what you shared on Twitter the other night, it sounds incredible! Best of luck with the outline. Rooting you on as always! <3

  2. I am so excited about your new project. Well, what I know of it anyway. It sounds fantastic! I've been wanting to tackle a fairy tale retelling for a while now. Maybe a more obscure one or something. So fun! I saw you photos of the ice storm on IG. Eww. That definitely makes it hard to get around. I guess it's ideal weather for writing and reading though, right? Have a great final WR week, Liz! :D

  3. Sounds like you're doing great! Best of luck with the new project! :)

  4. You're doing so awesome on your goals. All I have to say about the ice storm is: suck it, ice storm! I know the feeling allllll too well. Of course, it probably didn't hurt your reading goal. :)

  5. I LOVE fairytale retellings!

    Hope you have an awesome week :)

  6. Fairytale retelling? Sounds fun! And sometimes stepping away is the solution to tackle something that seems difficult. Cheering you on, Liz and congrats on all the progress!

  7. oh my gosh you are rocking this recharge. congrats!