Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bad Ass Books: Ensnared

This week I wrapped up the Splintered trilogy by A.G. Howard. This series was one of my absolute favorites--from the world to the characters to the love triangle, totally worth a read. I was nervous to finish it, but I wasn't disappointed. Far from it.

I've opted not to include a summary because I don't want to spoil the previous two books--but you can check the Splintered review (linked above) to learn more. But in a nutshell, it's an Alice in Wonderland inspired series, but like you've never really imagined it, featuring Alice Liddell's ancestor, Alyssa Gardner.

Why I Read It: I started the Splintered series as a part of the 2013 Debut Author Challenge. It was by far one of my favorite books that year, so, of course, I kept up with it. I had to know how it ended--where our love triangle would go, what would happen in Wonderland, all of it.

ZOMG Yes! The way that A.G. Howard wrapped up this love story was perfect. She left me wanting for nothing. Alyssa grew so much through this series, and it was evident in the ending. Sorry--can't say more than that.

This book made me root for Jeb, which surprised me, because I was so frustrated with him at the end of Unhinged (book two). Of course, I'm still a bigger fan of Morpheus. What can I say? I like a little darkness.

Speaking of which, the way that darkness was portrayed in this series was one of my favorite parts. A.G. Howard claims it as a part of Alyssa, so it's not something you can just push away. You have to confront it head on, which she did in the story.

kthxbai: I can't wait for Untamed to come out, because it's going to give us a little bit more of what happened after the story wrapped up, which I found myself craving. Always a sign of a good book. Check this series out if you like darker fantasies rife with madness.

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