Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Spring. I like when it's cool in the morning but pleasant in the sun by midday. I like the smell of soil and the feel of it beneath my hands when I'm dropping seeds into the earth. I'm a gardener, and I definitely get affected by the wintertime blues. Spring is when I come alive again.

So this is embarrassing. I finally started reading the Winner's Trilogy (been on my Kindle TBR list for a while, but never got to it). At 73% of the way through, I realized I had started on book 2. So now I'm reading The Winner's Curse.

As soon as Dare Devil season two came out, we binge watched it. I love everything about the Netflix Marvel shows. Some day I want to write a YA that feels the way these feel.

Listening To
It's been an Of Monsters and Men kinda of few weeks. They make up a lot of my writing playlist for my current WIP, so I've got them on repeat even when I'm not writing to keep at least some part of my brain in that space.

Thinking About
Stickers. Tracey Neithercott talked me into giving the sticker method a try, and guys: it's working. I wrote 9,500 words in 10 days because of this. I finished a draft of my manuscript because of this. Of course, my calendar looks like someone is tripping acid thanks to all the Lisa Frank covering its squares, but I'll take it.

Camp NaNoWriMo! I'm in an awesome cabin with some lovely writer friends. My goal is to finish this Southern Gothic that I started a little over a year ago and get it into CP hands so I can have it to my agent by May. I also want to make some progress on my next project...whatever that is!

That I could get a better knack for growing tiny trees. My husband bought me a Dawn Redwood Bonsai forest kit for my birthday last year, and it went horribly. I contacted the company and they sent me new seed, so I'm going to be trying again.

Making Me Happy
Puppies! My best friend has adopted the sweetest little lab pup, and we took Frankie (my chiweenie) over last night. It's fun to watch my dog (who's almost 5) play with, tolerate, and then dominate a puppy that will soon be much larger than him.


  1. Congratulations on writing the end! The sticker method is great :) I love giving myself gold stars, I'm also finding the writing chain works really well for me.
    Spring is slowly creeping in here in Canada, the snow is nearly all gone.
    Enjoy the Winner's Trilogy, it's so good. I can't wait for book 3!

  2. Puppies! What's better than puppies and springtime? The Winner's Trilogy has been a favorite of mine since it started, I am so glad you are getting into it!!

    Soo many congrats on finishing the draft!!

  3. Oh, that puppy is so cute! I'm also team sticker -- there's nothing more motivating than little silver stars covering my planner. :-) Can't wait for Camp NaNo! I'm cheering you and your Southern Gothic on, and not only because I want to read it. ;-) Have a great week, Liz!

  4. I am still laughing at your Winner's Curse mixup. Best. Ever. 😂

    I'm so sick of superhero TV, but I love the Netflix ones. And you *should* write the YA version!

    That puppy is insanely cute. I think you should have become a dognapper. :)

    And again, congrats on finishing the draft! I still can't believe you wrote 9,500 in 10 days. That's basically insane. In a good way.