Tuesday, April 12, 2016


So those of you who don't know, I play video games. My main jam is Heroes of the Storm (I used to play League of Legends, but I can't stand the community). This past weekend, all heroes were free, so I spent too much time figuring out Abathur. And I love him. To those of you who aren't following this at all: this particular character forces you to be aware of more than just yourself, which I think is a good life lesson in general.

I'm still working on The Winner's Curse. Work has been crazy, so reading has been slow.

My husband's been rewatching Game of Thrones in preparation for the season premier, so I've been rewatching Game of Thrones. Last night we watched the episode in which Sansa tells Lady Olenna what she thinks about Joffrey. I forgot how much I love Lady Olenna.

Listening To
This song has found its way into my writing playlist, because it perfectly describes one of the characters in this story I've been working on.

Thinking About
Social media. I'm a social media manager for a quickly growing start-up, and I've been reading some best practices books at the recommendation of our new CMO (hence the slow reading I mentioned earlier). I'm pretty excited to be able to finally have the time to take our social media to the next level and really use my creativity here.

The end of my WIP! I'm making good progress on revisions and think I may be a week to a week and a half out from having the manuscript ready for my CP's. This is a record for me. I started this book a little over a year ago, and the limited outlining I did made it go so much faster.

That, of course, leads me to my wish. I want to be a good outliner, the best outliner, the kind of outliner who nails the book in an outline so writing is a breeze. I have no idea if it will work, but that's what wishes are for, right? And thanks to Tracey Neithercott, I have all sorts of resources at my finger tips.

Making Me Happy
Our new Fiat. That's right, we bought a new car! We've been a single car family for three or four years now, but work stuff is making that no longer an option for us. This was actually a first for us--buying a car together. After almost seven years of marriage, we don't have a lot of firsts left, so that was exciting.

Oh yeah, I'm a brunette again.