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The Other March Sisters Selected as a 2024 Fall/Winter Publisher’s Marketplace Buzz Book

I’ve got to be honest with y’all. I really did not see this one coming. Publisher’s Marketplace released the 2024 Fall/Winter Buzz Books yesterday, and my next book, The Other March Sisters, (which I co-authored with the brilliant Linda Epstein and Ally Malinenko) was selected as one of the 46 best books of the upcoming publishing season.


To say that I am beside myself is an understatement. Buzz Books get promoted in a lot of industry-facing spaces, meaning they’re going to be in front of decision makers like booksellers and librarians, and there’s a good chance they’ll get bigger press from book-related media.


The Other March Sisters is a reimagining of Little Women, in which we give Meg, Beth, and Amy March a chance to tell their own stories. Here’s a little preview:


Dear Reader,


I’m sure you believe you know their story from reading that other book, which told you an inspiring tale about four sisters. It told you a story, but did it tell you the whole story? That book was written by the second sister, who was known to occasionally take some liberties with facts. In her beloved book, the author recounted some incidents which, had they been written by another sister, might have shown that author in a most unfavorable light.


Of course authors may take that liberty, to craft their fictions out of fact. But let’s step back for a moment, if you will, and consider the untold stories of the other sisters—interactions both small and large—of which that author wasn’t privy. Private moments, confidential conversations, intimate and undisclosed connections and correspondence. These pages contain some of those moments.


You can read a much longer excerpt of The Other March Sisters here (or wherever you get your ebooks).

Oh! And keep an eye out. We'll be revealing the final cover later this month. (There is a cover in the Buzz Books excerpt but it is not the final!)

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